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The name of our company - Vitolier - is derived from the word vitola.  A vitolier is a discerning cigar professional and a cigar connoisseur.  The Vitolier is the company that employs such professionals and caters to such connoisseurs.  Thus, our company's philosophy embodies the traditions, values, and standards of 150 years of family commitment to uncompromising quality and service. 

The production of our handmade premium cigars exceedes all conventional standards. Every minute detail is taken into consideration to achieve the best conceivable result with respect to quality. All stages in the manufacture of a premium cigar, including the growing of tobacco and the making and aging of the cigar must be perfected without any compromise.  Our customers who savour our cigars with the factory seal can rest assured that the cigar is backed by a company which measures up to the same standards of excellence as the product itself – in every respect. By constantly seeking excellence, respecting and passing on traditions and sharing our passion, we are working to make sure that you are enjoying one of  life's great pleasures.

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